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Mathew McConaughey hair thinning?

Mathew McConaughey has hair loss typical to many of us which is call male pattern baldness, depending of the individual hair loss can appear from the crown area or the frontal area.

Matthew is not unique in this case what is quite is how he has achieved to regain his full thick head of hair.

So what did Matthew McConaughey do?

Looking at the images he has managed not only to regrow his hair but also to thicken up existing hair, especially note the temples and the high receding line.

Given the amazing natural look it seems as he has had a fantastic hair transplant surgery. Yes it seems as he has also taken other hair loss medications to improve his existing hair and to stop his hair getting any worse.

The results are excellent and yes it is difficult find any flaws this is because the hairline is all natural.

The reason why he has had such excellent results is probably is Matthew has seen a specialist soon as he noticed hair loss, it is obvious Matthew has understood how important it is to react fast for maximum results.

This is no accident looking at the images he has taken his specialist advice and acted on it, with careful planning and you can achieve similar results.

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