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About Hair Transplant in London

Situated just a 20 second walk from Stone bridge park station in Wembley, HGC’s unique hair centres are expanding to become one of Europe’s largest and most renowned hair centres, with more than 40 members of staff and specialising in nothing but the most effective scientifically formulated and clinically proven treatments, under strict double blinded placebo controlled testing for hair loss and thinning hair. Particular treatments have been trialled and tested on human skin cells by the European hair research society in which our new clinical photographs provide unequivocal proof of hair growth.

Hgc’s bespokehair loss treatment and combustion formulas are recognised by doctors and other medical specialists and are used by tens of thousands of men and women across the world. They are available to you by either visiting the London centre for a free hair diagnostic examination and consultation with a hair loss specialist, or by discussing your options via our live chat and completing our on-line trichology form for those whom are too busy come in, giving you the opportunity to have an effective home treatment course delivered to you in a matter of days without the need to visit a HGC centre.

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Hair Transplant Clinic in London, UK

Explaining Hair Loss Problem in Men & Women and Providing Solution

Be it about the men or women, lose of 80 to hundred hairs in a day is considered normal. But, if hairs fall more than that in number, it should certainly be addressed. There can be various reasons behind hair fall issues, which make people, think of best hair transplant London. In general, factors like stress, exposures to strong sun rays, vitamin deficiency, and anaemia are responsible for hair loss of men, along with genuine male pattern baldness.

Among women, the reasons can be like pregnancy, hypothyroidism, an autoimmune disorder, etc., along with conventional female pattern baldness. Apart from these, chemotherapy is always responsible for hair loss; be it about men or women.

Other factors responsible for hair fall

Surgeries after accidents, emotional disorder, sickness due to fatigue or workload, etc. also are some of the reasons behind immature hair fall in modern times. However, hair fall after the 50s and 60s is a common scenario. Women using birth control pills also hold threats of excessive hair loss. Some people don’t wash their heads regularly, which leads to scalp infections. Be it about the ringworm mediated infection or due to fungus; all these ultimately lead to excessive hair loss. Smoking and excessive alcohol intakes are also some of the prime reasons behind hair fall issues in modern times. Poor diet is also one of the frequently found reasons behind hair loss these days. Excessive use of chemical colours, frequently done weird hairstyles can also be the reasons behind hair fall.

How to control hair fall

One can notice hair loss symptoms easily and address the issue accordingly. Sudden loss of hairs, excessive thinning of hairs, loss of hairs from other body parts, hair loss from eyebrows, etc. are among the prime symptoms of hair loss. It is recommended to go for hair loss treatment for men (or women accordingly) upon coming across with such symptoms. The first thing one should do to avoid hair loss is to take the more protein-enriched diet. This is so as the hair strands are made of a Keratin, which is a protein. If your diet and lifestyle are good and proper, yet you are suffering from hair loss, you should check whether it’s a case of auto-immune disorder. Sometimes people suffering from excessive hair fall are also advised to lessen the Vitamin A intake. Vitamin B deficiency can also cause hair fall; hence you may take Vitamin B after consulting the therapists. Apart from all these, hair fall on many occasions are genetic, which can’t be controlled on many occasions; only the best hair transplant the UK can help you in such cases.

How Hair Transplant is performed at Hair Transplant Clinic in London, UK

Hair transplant has helped many recover from hair fall trauma. Especially, it is currently considered the most effective hair loss treatment for men as men suffer from such issues than women. This is the reason number of people enquiring at Hair Growth Center London has significantly increased over the years. Hair transplant is a systematic procedure. After reaching Hair Growth Center London, here they first conduct the free diagnostic check, which involves entire scalp check-up and diagnosis using pro-scopic measuring technology. In case of men, they recommend PDT program, which includes all sorts of using medication. PRP session is conducted next, which is meant to fight against the hair fall. It can also help in growing hair naturally. The next step this best hair transplant London conducts is FUE, which helps in re-growing specific zones of the scalp those have been subject to the huge quantity of DHT. FUE helps in growing the hair naturally. After conducting all these steps, the therapists recommend the concerned male about any further hair transplant aspects.

In case of females Female pattern baldness is also growing these days equivalently as of the men. It obviously demands the same level of care. Most women prefer going with best hair transplant UK to deal with these challenges. Given below are the step by step approaches that Hair Growth Centre conducts prior opting for transplant aspects. They conduct hair diagnostic check for females, just like the male, which is about thorough check-up of the scalp. The pro-scopic method is used here as well for diagnosing. The next step is PDT program, which is an intensive process and includes all the useful medications. Next comes is PRP that helps you fight against hair loss and help in growing the hair naturally. FUE method applied next for females as well (as of males), which is meant to grow hairs at certain areas of the scalp, those have been the subject of a huge quantity of DHT. It helps in growing back the hair naturally. An effective treatment through above steps can indeed help a woman combating all sorts of hair fall issues naturally. Most females start witnessing better results on the way itself. However, there are some cases where the hair fall issue doesn’t stop. Going for hair transplant remains the only option in such cases. Experts of HGC conduct hair transplant methods after that after thorough observation of different conditions.

Female Treatment Services

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