Hair Growth Treatment: Some Feasible Options

Hair problems are definitely the most common problems affecting both men and women globally. ‘Hair Loss’ itself has over 1.2 million Google searches every month. Seeing that it is such a global problem, many companies have come up claiming to know how to eradicate it. Having a head full of healthy hair isn’t just a health issue, though sometimes it can be an indicative of a person’s underlying health matters. However it is an integral part of an individual’s self and social image, a sign of youth.

There is an assortment of hair growth treatment offered in the market, ranging from medicines and natural supplements to surgeries and shampoos. There are numerous electronic devices too which claim to assist hair growth tremendously. While some of these treatments are self-administered, others must be administered by professionals to achieve the bets result. Given below are some viable Female Hair Loss Treatment options.

  • There is many products in the market like Minoxidl and propecia for females but these medication can have sever advers result, please do your research before doing something that can have a impact on your life that can be irriversible.
  • Shampoos and Conditioners: These products are predominantly designed to manage androgenetic alopecia – but there is no shampoo that can stop or regrow your hair, herbal shampoos can improve your skin qua;ity but do becarefull of gimmicks as ther are plenty.
  • Apart from these treatments, what remains is the Hair Transplant Surgery. It can be done using micro and mini grafts. In fact nowadays they are extensively used in transplant repair surgeries along with reconstructive surgical restoration procedures. So, with this augmented use of mini and micro grafts together with single unit hair follicular transplants, the hair implant surgeries account for roughly 8-10% of whole hair restoration surgeries.
  • Because of their tiny sizes, the mini and micro grafts have less metabolic requirements unlike plug grafts and therefore, have better durability. Even the follicular units have chances of being damaged during dissection, but not grafts. Since they are capable of successfully growing on even fibroid areas or burnt scalps, they hold a very high promise for those who have no hope left.


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